I made
my excuses
& stayed

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Bob & Sue Firth

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About the Authors

Born in Cardiff in 1944, Bob’s parents came to the UK from Berlin as refugees just before the Second World War. After receiving a private education and attending university, he spent 15 years successfully expanding the family manufacturing business. He subsequently relocated to Cornwall with his young family where he ran a holiday cottage business and restaurant. Following his subsequent divorce, Bob moved to Dartmouth and opened three local jewellery shops.

Born in Dartford in 1952, Sue studied at the College for the Distributive Trade in London and proceeded to forge a career in fashion retail.

About the Authors

Sue moved to Devon with her husband and children to run a seaside hotel and then later divorced.

After meeting through a ‘Lonely Hearts’ advert in a local paper their two families, made up of six children and two dogs, moved to Cyprus for five years; they then returned to the UK to open a naturist Bed and Breakfast in Dorset, where they now reside.

Sue is an accomplished artist and enjoys gardening. Bob plays Badminton and enjoys writing. The couple enjoy travelling, working out at the gym, naturist holidays and walking their dogs.

Summary of the book

In rural Dorset Bob and Sue Firth were running a successful Bed and Breakfast establishment with a twist. It was a naturist establishment. The couple were also professional masseurs offering therapeutic massage to non-residents as well as guests.

All was going smoothly until they accepted a booking from a man calling himself ‘Neville’. Naively, the couple were taken in by this character who, using subterfuge, bribed them into making love in his presence.

Unfortunately, ‘Neville’ turned out to be an undercover reporter for the News of the World!

Summary of the book

Believing he was about to uncover a juicy story, but finding that no such story existed, he set about fabricating a two page spread from his own imagination for the Sunday tabloid. But what ‘Neville’ didn’t realise was that the couple, suspicious of his intentions, had captured his escapades on a hidden video camera.

The extraordinary story documents Bob and Sue’s rollercoaster of emotions and their adventures against overwhelming odds to set the record straight.

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I made my excuses and stayed

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